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manuescrita2016Creator of conTRAmare.net, with the collaboration of many generous souls, Manu Escrita enjoys writing, editing and translating. Born in Lisbon, she made many cities her home. She studied photography, art and Latin-American studies in San Francisco (City College + SFSU), completed a PhD in London in the area of History of the Arts and Cultures of the African Diaspora (SOAS – University of London), and lived in Brazil between 2008 and 2017, where she worked in various editorial and research projects, also beginning a career as English language translator and editor. In 2013, she launched the virtual translation publisher conTRAmare.net, gathering an academic network in translation for new authors. She participated in Use Your Language, Use Your English, an online project created at Birkbeck College (University of London) and aimed at English native or nearly native editors and translators, and obtained a certificate in English language literary translation (DBB, Rio de Janeiro, 2016). In addition she began her own independent research in Gender Studies and Urban Art, a project she named feminiSTreet: cARTographies of feminisms.

She’s currently living in Lisbon where she manages Atelier Madredeusa, a studio offering workshops and support to graphic arts and independent publishers. In 2018, she plans to launch manuscrita edições, an independent publisher retrieving and mapping texts, art works and personalities that are representative of global feminisms in their various social and historical contexts.

Email: colab@contramare.net ou studio@contramare.net

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